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The Parish Church of St Mary Magdalen,
Ripley, Surrey, GU23 6AE, UK

Transforming Church - Transforming Lives

Since the launch of the TCTL initiative in Autumn 2016 it has become clear that it is an idea which has taken life around the diocese. Parishes are beginning to work together to share ideas, expertise and resources. And the team in Guildford Diocese are also doing all they can to support and advise.

At our PCC meeting in January we discussed a programme for working through the goals and we had an initial discussion on Goal Two -

Together to increase the number of new Christians of all ages through persistent prayer, confident faith-sharing, life-giving worship, and the development of a hundred new worshipping communities by 2027

We hope to be able to put some ideas into action pretty quickly.

In coming months we have a program for discussing the goals and exploring how they might inspire us to new achievements in God’s name:

By February - Goal 2
By May - Goal 1
By August - Goal 3
By November - Goal 6

All other goals

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