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St Mary Magdalen,
Ripley, Surrey,
GU23 6AE, UK


CHURCH LIFE - Children


Mothers & Toddlers - Fridays at 10am in the Church Room:
Come along to meet fellow parents and their children; new members are always welcome.

After School Club:
We are planning a meeting on March 9th to explore options on this with a view to getting something going - if it is wanted by the community - in the Summer Term


For various reasons the children of our village are much more scattered between different Primary Schools than they used to be. We would like to offer to host an After School Club open to all Ripley children whichever school they go to but need to work out whether it is something that parents and children might appreciate it, how we should get it going, and so on.

The tentative plan is that we will try to get it started early in the Summer Term and to find out if this is what is wanted we would like to invite parents and Primary children to come along after school on Friday March 9th. We will be ready for you from 3pm.

We will offer sandwiches and cakes, hot and cold drinks as well as space for children to play or draw etc.

We can chat informally about whether or not this is a good idea and perhaps take a little time to discuss things as a group. I very much hope that if this is seen as a good idea that we will find a way of making it work. Community life in Ripley as been damaged by what has happened in the last few months and we need to do all that we can to make sure that we strengthen the community in whatever ways we can.

To help us to cater it would be good to know if you (how many adults and chilldren) are coming. Please email the Vicar - vicar@ripleychurch.org.uk