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The Parish Church of St Mary Magdalen,
Ripley, Surrey, GU23 6AE, UK


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Transforming Church

Transforming Church : Transforming Lives

The new diocesan vision and transformation goals has been launched by the Diocese and will now be at the heart of the mission planning of this parish.

A brief video has been prepared by the Diocese and can be found on YouTube

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Ripley Primary School

Parents of children at Ripley Primary School were informed on Thursday that the Governing Body had resigned. The reason for this was not — as some have suggested — that they were not capable of leading the school but because indecision within Surrey County Council made medium or long term planning impossible.

The resignation of the Governors has obliged County officers to accept their responsibilities for their inaction by taking over management of the school. The Governors and Staff have done an excellent job over the last few years in building the quality of education and there is no reason why the excellent standards of teaching and learning which have been achieved should not continue.

Please remember the Governors and Staff of the school in your prayers as they are bearing a burden which is not of their making. Please also reassure any who are concerned that the apparently dramatic events are more administrative than real; they are the result of the incompetence of Surrey County Council and its agents rather than any failing by the school’s Staff or Governors.