Worship is the heart of the life of our Church;
it is the way in which we share and grow our faith,
receive God’s grace
and build the sense of fellowship
which is at the heart of Church membership


Our Sunday Worship and Family Services

follow a regular pattern though this is varied according to need and has evolved over time.


Church Diary


Special Services
are arranged from time to time to be held on a Sunday or during the week; look out for posters about these services – also, the Church Diary should keep you informed.


is the way in which we bring children into membership of the Church.
Planning for baptisms in these new circumstances may require us to do things differently but however we plan the service we will be delighted to welcome you and your child into our fellowship of faith. Please contact the Vicar for more information.


Marriage is a very special commitment and we believe it is important to make it a time of worship and blessing before the reception and party which follow. It is a very special privilege to help people to make their marriage vows so please be in touch if you want to be married here.


Please also contact the churchwardens if you are marrying elsewhere but have been advised to get your Banns called here.


When someone dies all the organisation expected of the next of kin can seem very confusing and timeconsuming. Please get in touch with the Churchwardens directly - or ask your Funeral Director to do so. Together we will organise a service that reflects your feelings and memories.


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