Orders of Service & Hymn Books:

In order to reduce the risk of cross-infection through the handling of service leaflets, hymn books, etc we encourage the use of pdf documents downloaded to your phone or ipad when possible.

Currently available service pdf's are:

  • Said Communion -
    this is the service we use for the Thursday lunchtime communion and for most other communion services except 10am Sunday Communions.
  • Sunday Word Service
    this is the outline order of service we use for our "Word" services on a Sunday. They are simple services in which we pray together for the needs of the world and grow together in faith through prayer and hearing and considering God's word in the Bible.

  • Sunday Communion Service
    this is the service we usually use for our Communion service at 10am on a Sunday (usually one week in three). It is a flexible outline of what we might do on any particular Sunday
  • Other service sheets are made available as needed.
  • Hymn Books
    Currently we are no allowed to sing in Church but, weather permitting, we hope to start and end our services outside so that we can sing together. In order to do so we need to give out our hymn books but we would ask that you do not hand it in at the end of the service; take the hymn book home and make it yours - label it if you like - and bring it with you when you come to Church on a Sunday.


We are committed to offering all possible support to anyone with a disability when you come to Church.


  • Wheelchairs:
    The main Church entrance, facing the road, has two steps but by turning right at the door and following the path round the outside of the Church you will reach the entrance to the Church Room. This has no steps and it is possible to go through the link into the Church. There is a small area set aside for those using a wheelchair or having other special seating needs but there are areas of the Church where wheelchairs can be accommodated. If other modifications were necessary we would seek to recognise the need and respond quickly.

  • Hearing:
    A Loop system is installed in the Church.

  • Eyesight:
    We hope that the pdf versions of the order of service will allow you to magnify text as necessary..

  • Coeliac Disease:
    Gluten-free communion breads are available; please speak to the host or sidesmen when you arrive in Church.


Please let the Vicar know if you find there are other ways in which we can help you
to participate in our worship.with confidence