Our lovely village school was closed in 2018 despite its popularity and the high quality of education offered. This closure caused both pain and anger to our village community and the role of Guildford Diocese in the closure was especially distressing.

The land on which the school buildings stand is owned by Trustees – the Vicar and Churchwardens. The Trustees are obliged by Charity law to seek to fulfil the terms of the Trust by enabling the opening of a school; we are working hard to do so. In order to keep the buildings warm and maintained we allow various groups to use parts of the space.


Despite often repeated assertions by Diocesan staff that the School buildings are "derelict", in reality they are now in better condition than they were when the school closed. They are all ready for occupation by a school as soon as we can make this possible.


For more information on how you can help reopen the school, or for enquiries about bookings, please contact the Managing Agents to the Trustees - the Friends of Ripley Primary School -