Ripley village school was closed in 2018 at the request of Guildford Diocese.


This closure caused pain and anger to our village community and we recognise that, for many, this distress continues.


The land on which the school buildings stand is owned by Trustees – the Vicar and Churchwardens. The Trust states that there should be a CofE school on the site for local children. The Diocese of Guildford has decided that it does not wish to have a CofE school on the site. In order to fulfil the terms of their Trust as closely as possible, the Trustees are working to ensure that the site remains for the education of local children.


In the absence of a fully functioning school, we currently allow various groups to use the school site in order to maintain it.  For example, the pre-school remains on site, as do a large number of dance classes.  Later in the year, we expect Surrey County Council and the Freemantles to operate a temporary Special Educational Needs provision on the site. 


The school site has been maintained and upgraded in a number of ways since its closure in 2018.


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